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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

White Pansy Violets

White Pansy

Viola tricolor hortensis

Viola species are variously known as violets, pansies, and heartsease, and most are small clump-forming plants with lobed, elliptic, kidney- or heart-shaped leaves. All species share similar 5-petalled flowers, with the lower petal often carrying darker markings. Among the species, white, yellow, and purple are the predominant flower colors. Numerous cultivars have been raised, and they have extended the color range to include all colors. Some violets have fragrant blooms.

Profile: Gardening Australia

Photography: Me
Location: Blacktown Council
Date: July 2009

History of this photography: I was attending a Senior Choir Practice at Nirimba Room, Blacktown Civic Centre when per chance passed by this little roadside garden full of colourful pansies and my mobile camera was put into action. This garden is maintained by Blacktown Council.

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