" My space is small with enough room to fill with garden delights*. Say it with flowers" ~lcd

A Green Thumb

It's in the family. I remember my dear mother with great admiration and fondness who in her time spent her life attending to her family of 8 children in the absence of our father whom we seldom saw in our growing years due to the nature of his job. Our mother was basically a living widow until she legally became one.

My mother is one of those proverbial women whose dedication and hardwork is beyond compare.

It was she who showed us how to love and appreciate nature, not only its beauty but also to understand its character that we witness all days in our lives.

Her appetite for gardening was just incredible. She was a farmer's daughter and she knew what to do with every empty space of land she came across uncultivated. So much to tell about my mother. Funny, how we realize what we missed when someone dear to us is gone and when we are confronted by our own present life.

My mother's  genetic green thumb  apparently has been passed down on me. Our youngest sister is even more fantastic for everything she buries or sticks on the ground or in the pot will  grow and bloom voluminously.

I do organic gardening without the aid of synthetic or artificial fertilizer. My fertilizer comes from nature using kitchen scraps from vegetable and fruit feelings. I bury them in the ground to encourage worms to grow and multiply which in turn willingly do their part by nourishing the soil upon which plants take its nutrients from. I always leave it to nature to take its course.

This floral photographic blog is a showcase of what I have and had grown in my garden past and present. I am also taking pride of showing off those I took in passing from other sources where ever an opportunity arose and/or when I am allowed to photograph them. Some however, were taken surreptitiously. Only if there's no one around to ask permission from like those ones that hang  over the fence or those growing by the roadside.

This blog was prompted by my occasional contribution to Today's Flowers meme created by Luis Santilli Jr of Brazil.

"Say it with flowers" is my motto.

Note: The above header is a floral wreath for Mom Mona Brady who passed away last February 12, 2010.

With Love,