" My space is small with enough room to fill with garden delights*. Say it with flowers" ~lcd

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yellow Specks and Speckles

 Aster daisy or Michaelmas daisy

Garden Clinics has this to say:
Showy daisy-like heads flower late summer and autumn in a wide range of colours including blue, violet, purple, pink, red and white all with central disc of yellow or purple. Michaelmas daisy is a loose term which is often used to cover most of the taller species, although it strictly refers to Aster novi-belgii. The 'China asters' grown as bedding plants are now classified in the genus 'Callistephus'. Clouds of lilac-blue flowers has a long flowering season, summer right through to late autumn. Black arching stems. Grows to 90cm and spreads well. Vigorous and spreading.

Certified Photography

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Today is Today's Flowers.

TF team Santilli - Denise - Pupo - Sandy Carlson

Lonesome Bell
The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. ~Basho




This is one of the plants I planted in my garden in Quakers Hill. And multitude of pesky snails loved to take residence around the yard with successive rainfall inducing growth of their numbers. I collected them, crushed them and put them back to the soil as organic fertilizer. 'Want not, waste not.'

Despite the onslaught of the snails, the blooms kept coming pretty generous.

Amazingly, the ones I planted in my present area did not bear flowers. But that is the least of my worry at the moment.

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Certified Photography
In my old Alford home
Quakers Hill

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Giant Tree Bloom and Green Crawly for Today's Flowers

Today is Today's Flowers.

Oh I got lost with this one. Fancy I did not record the name of this giant tree that lined the street going to the Government House of NSW that I visited sometime ago.

This lemon yellow flower was hanging from this particular giant tree that caught my attention but didn't bother taking the detail. I have painstakingly tried to study if this flower belongs to the Hill's Weeping Fig (Ficus microcarpa var hillii) using google search, that also lined the opposite side of this avenue where this tree grow but it isn't making any sense because as I macroscopically scrutinized the composition of the leaves of this yellow bloom, it doesn't seem to match with that of the fig tree. I don't know. I don't want to mislead anyone. Maybe someone can help me identify this plant.

[I'll do my homework next time I will go back there. Not this season. Too cold to be gallivanting.]


Monday, June 14, 2010

Purple Iris for Today's Flowers

Today is Today's Flowers.

Since Iris is the Greek goddess for the Messenger of Love, her sacred
flower is considered the symbol of communication and messages.
Greek men would often plant an iris on the graves of their beloved
women as a tribute to the goddess Iris, whose duty it was to
take the souls of women to the Elysian fields. 


By virtue of its word meaning, Iris means a rainbow and that it also symbolizes eloquence. A purple Iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments.

Scientific Monogram:







Source: The Flower Expert

Flowers provided by my church friend Lis.


Monday, June 7, 2010

A Rose for All Reasons in Today's Flowers

Today is Today's Flowers.


"Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment within."~ Chinese Proverb

Being inactive in the meme world ... I call this one a postdated entry. And there's plenty to come for all the reasons beyond each past season.

The above plants grow in our compound. The owner became an onlooker while a strange passerby clicked the button of her camera (Me).