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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flower Gardens for Today's Flowers

They are Here.

I have been always curious what is there to see in the Government House, the seat of the State Governor General of New South Wales. Its area is part of Sydney Royal Botanical Gardens which is located on the west wing of Sydney Opera House.

So one day, I satisfied that curiosity by walking about the area alone by myself and the entry is free, so I secured myself a ticket to join a Guided Tour inside the premise.

After the tour, we were allowed to roam free around the vicinity and it was only then we could take pictures.



chubskulit said...

Beautiful place to walk around to.

Ebie said...

I could imagine when all the lilies bloom at the same time. Incredible show!

Am glad you are back blogging....

Regina said...

Hello Bonnie. Glad you are back.
Those are beautiful captures.
Its truly a lovely place.

PS. Yes I got it:).

Arija said...

Splendid gardens yet I would not wish to be Gov.General. The gardeners would probably resent it if one started weeding!