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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Million Flowers

We call this a Million Dollar Flower in our locality back in my country. It's foliage are quite impressive, with large, dark green oval leaves, often with serrated edges. Flowerheads are made up of very small fertile flowers surrounded by larger, eye-catching, 4-petalled, sterile florets, and usually emerge in spring and summer.

Colors range from white through to red, purple, and blue.

A member of the mallow (Malvaceae) family, this flower grows in warm, temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions of the world.

Hydrangea features lush foliage and large flamboyant blooms in vibrant colors. In other places, these plants are grown not only for their great beauty, but also for their edible leaves and flowers. It can also be trimmed to shape and make effective hedging or screening plants.

Flowering Season: Summer, Spring

Source: Gardening Australia


AL said...

Oh my, how nice to look at! The colors are very attractive. We call that Mil Flores back here or a thousand flowers Bonnie. We have some blue ones in the garden but not blooming yet.


Lois said...

It is a beautiful color Bonnie!