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Sunday, July 24, 2011

In Memoriam: One Summer Pink Mourning

15 January 2010 My Farewell Unaware to Mom Mona

15 January 2010 from Blacktown Hospital hedge garden.

5 December 2010 from Mom Joan's backyard garden.

A beautifully ruffled Pink Carnation above I macronized from a bunch of Carnation bouquet I brought for Mom Mona when I visited her in Blacktown Hospital to what I had not known would be our last meeting as she passed away two weeks after and  a Pink lacy-layered compound Pink Hibiscus (in the middle) that grew along the brick wall of the hospital that took my fancy are excellent compliments to this partially wilted Summer Pink Oleander from the backyard of Mom Joan. These are few of my hidden treasures that I found lately in my mystery box and it gave me an idea of posting them for Today's Flowers.


Certified Photography


Beyond My Garden said...

So Pretty in Pink!

Luna Miranda said...

the carnation is beautiful. i love these delicate pastels.

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

great macro of a carnation
great shots, dearest
how´re you?

Inday said...

Hello Grace!

Was sick yesterday but am feeling better today. Just slowing down moving things away as my daughter is coming next week to change my furniture and will try her hand with home improvement in my place. I cannot see your blog, so I cannot comment yours. Thanks for the visit Grace. Much appreciated. I will email you. Love. Leah

ester said...

What a wonderful tribute. The carnations are so pretty.

My entry.

Inday said...

Ester, I tried leaving comment to your entry but it prompted an error on data base. Thanks for the visit, The Modern Mom. Much appreciated.

Denise said...

These beautiful flowers are a lovely tribute my friend. I hope you feel better soon.

easygardener said...

Lovely flowers - and a beautiful way to hold memories.