" My space is small with enough room to fill with garden delights*. Say it with flowers" ~lcd

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Last Rose in Winter

Rose whatever its name may be is my Monday's Today's Flowers Shout.



Yap, that's it! In the vicinity of the compound where I live, this Rose stands out. Growing tall, slinky but sturdy stems and proud as its last bloom in our wintertime. The base you see on the top picture is starting to wilt due to morning frost. So I thought I would climb the brick hedge and reached out for this thorny stem; ducking my head down to keep my face away from network of thorns.


Certified Photography


Carver said...

That's a beautiful rose and a great shot.

guild-rez said...

Wonderful roses!!
Lovely your pictures too.

Judy said...

I like that colour of rose! Pity that it is the last before the cold season!!

AL said...

The last flower looks very dignified, that's what roses are!

Regina said...

Very pretty!
Happy new week Bonnie dearest.

Jama said...

The rose is so gorgeous!

Luna Miranda said...

that is persistence! how wonderful that you noticed this rose.